Tuesday, April 9, 2019

My Taonga

My Taonga

My Taonga is my special, pure gold necklace. It has a golden heart at the front.  Then beside the heart is tiny, golden dangly stuff! The rest of it is shining gold. It is used to make me special and make me look nice and I have had it since I was 8 months old. This necklace was bought in a city in Sri Lanka. This city was called Colombo. This is where I’m from!  My family has had this necklace for a long time! My mother's mother (Ammamma) bought it for my mum. This necklace is special. To my mum as well! My mum gave it to me when I was really young, so young that I had it when I was 8 months old!!! But my mum had it first and then it became mine!

It is special to me and my mum because my grandma died when my mum was 7 so now it reminds me of my mum's mum and all my other grandparents.  

This piece of jewellery  connects my family together because when my mum, dad and brother are crying, I bring it to my mum and dad.

That's why it’s special to me and my family!!!

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Onomatopoeia Poem

I get the laundry basket and carry it into the room,oof.  Then I grab all the clothes and throw them in the washing machine,thud!  After that I set it to half an hour,beep,beep! I pour the liquid in,glub,glub,glub.  Finally I press the on button, buzz,and then it starts, whirr,whirr,whirr! Ding, it’s done and I hang the clothes up, skreech!  Now that it’s all dry, I collect the washing from the line, ping,ping,ping. Finally I have clean, dry clothes to wear.   

Monday, March 18, 2019

New Zealand Taonga

Summertime  is very neat,
as we meet people and greet.
We get te moko on our face,
and then we always play and chase.
Eating hokey pokey ice cream is a treat,
and all the sheep like grass to eat.
Reading Maori legends,
indeed they are splendid.
The Kiwi bird is our national animal,
but then all our animals are admirable.
Rugby is our national sport,
and we play basketball on a court.
The Maori always wear their cloaks,
and in NZ there is always hope.
New Zealand,Aotearoa land of the long white cloud,
far away but always proud.

My Wild Self

Standing behind me was something strange…... I think I knew it was a creature right away, not just a furry animal.  It was a weird non human living thing. When I turned around, I was shocked. It wasn’t just weird, it was odd and curious. Its face was rose-coloured and it had eyes like a lemurs.  It had a nose and mouth like the type a normal human being would have. It had wide polar bear ears that were so white it looked like it had been in the ice for 20 years. Sprouting out from its magnificent hair, was a sapphire-coloured peacock crest.

Her neck was barely able to be seen, it was as if she had a neck shorter than an ant.  She had a bright blue t-shirt which showed a picture of lightning that was yellow like a golden buttercup.  She had some peculiar legs. They were African lion legs and they were also amber brown. She also had Siberian tiger claws and had elegant monarch butterfly wings.  

When she spoke she made strange noises that you couldn't understand. “Maybe it’s because she had a grim looking mouth,” I thought aloud. Her behaviour and movements were bizarre.  She went crazy then all of a sudden she stopped. I noticed her paws, they were sharp and she was moving them towards me. I was scared, really scared! What if she scratches me?!  I thought to myself, startled. I was astonished when she took her paws to shake my hand. “What shall I do?” I said loudly, in a panic. Well maybe I should just shake her paw, my brain replied. We shook. Now I thought she wasn’t weird, she was  cool.

  She took her paws and I took my hands.  I watched her. She waved. Then she placed her hands and legs on the jungle floor and crawled away. Ok now I thought she was super weird and eccentric.  I wonder if I will ever see her again? Maybe there is more of her kind, only weirder. I’ll have to just wait and see!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Turtle And Coyete

This week we have been reading a book called Turtle And Coyote. We looked for the adjectives in the text.When we finished we where inferencing to find other adjectives about the characters.Here is mine. Enjoy!

My Taonga

My Taonga My Taonga is my special, pure gold necklace. It has a golden heart at the front.  Then beside the heart is tiny, golden dangl...