Monday, October 14, 2019

Surprise Poem


If surprise were a colour, it would be a bright turquoise blue.
It would be a joyful clown saying “Happy Birthday!!! ” at your birthday party.
Surprise is getting a rosette for being best in class.
If surprise were a taste, it would be a free chocolate bar that had been offered to you.
It would be just like seeing your dad after he had gone on a business trip.
If surprise were a feeling, it would be hearing news that your mum’s having a baby.
It would be As surprising as getting a Samsung note 9+.
If surprise were a smell, it would be warm Hot Fudge pudding or apple pie.
If surprise were a sound, it would be people clapping, cheering and shrieking.
Surprise is overwhelming Happiness, shock, astonishment and joy.
By Akshara

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

1 Minute Movie About Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity

Drip,drip,drip then gone,
All has disappeared just after dawn.
The water we value gone from our nation,
no water even by a train station.
Bubbly, glassy crystal and clear,
none of us should be shouting a happy cheer.
The water we cherish, also known as valuable liquid,
has been cruelly restricted.

Disappearing at an alarming rate,
it has lead us to our fate.
We fight for what has been devoured by humans, then our lives will be concluded.
Greed, hunger is what our people hold in their bones,
The more water we waste, the more people will groan.
Pollution,deforestation and overuse of water,
But the less water we have, the more hotter we shall be.
Water is like saving money, only you are saving something more precious,
Oh please god bless us!!!!

Our lakes, rivers and streams will soon be vanished, 
Soon, after this crisis we shall all be banished.
The thing in life that we love the most,
 this is more horrible than seeing a ghost. 
Then after all of this chaos,
people are still continuing this horrible deed.
So what can we do to solve this dreadful act?
Well we can obviously do something in fact.
Try take 10 minutes showers or baths,
If someone tells you to stay, DON’T follow their paths.
Only wash your hands for 15 or 30 seconds,
That is what you could do, I reckon.
If your clothes are dirty, no need to give a clean,
Only if your clothes are covered with mud and green.
So listen folks, this is what you do,
and by the way this is all very true.

People can even die without this necessary thing,
No one can live,not even a king.

There are many things that cause this problem,
Plants can die and even blossoms.
So don’t be foolish and don’t be dumb,
But when I say this don’t be glum.
Living things are dying every day,
Children don’t have the energy to even PLAY!!!!
People on the streets are begging and pleading,
So stop, I command you to STOP,
We can’t even get to grow some crops.

Water scarcity is a real thing,
Listen and open your mind and eyes.
Kindly open your heart to the planet and it will sing.
It will sing like birds, flowing in the trees,
Sing like a choir girl, hair dancing in the breeze.
So stand up and help the people in this situation,
Help kids that need education.
So splish,splash squirt and splatter,
Help people who needs guidance with this matter!!!!

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Surprise Poem

Surprise If surprise were a colour, it would be a bright turquoise blue. It would be a joyful clown saying “Happy Birthday!!! ” at you...